Organa Hemp Company in Colorado, USA

Our mission statement for our amazing company is to provide love & joy in every product we manufacture. Our visionary Chuck Winters, both founder and CEO, is the driving force behind Organa Hemp Company. 

With over 35 years experience in both the cannabis & hemp industry, Chuck has stood the test of time and continues to lead the way in both respect amongst industry leaders but also as great communicator both foreign and domestic.

We invite you to be inspired by our new CBD product line and open the door to self improvement & enlightenment. Our company is vertically integrated into the CBD/HEMP industry with proven vetted genetics which pave the way to consistently pure laboratory verified compliant products.

Let our team help you decide which path is best for you! We strive to be the best in this convoluted industry in an effort to bring consistent, reliable, and high quality products to our most valued asset… OUR CLIENTS! 

-Team Organa Hemp Company 


Blissful Buds!

Have you smoked CBD flower before?

Either new to the scene or just back for a refill, our specialized team of hemp flower professionals will be more than happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have about CBD products.

Organa Hemp Company is setup as a vertically integrated industrial HEMP & CBD business. We know how new CBD products are to the general public despite being available through many distribution channels throughout the United States market. This is why we took extra time interviewing, researching, and discovering new and exciting cannabinoidal products so you can feel safe knowing we have done the homework for you in regards to pharmaceutical grade products and processing facilities.

                            -Team Organa Hemp Company

        OUR FARM

When it comes to sustaining the hemp marketplace with smokeable CBD flower, and other products, our team is second to none. Unlike traditional white labeling CBD shops, we actually start with the genetics and take it all the way to sale with our compliant certified facilities from start to fiinsh.


When you start with a vision in mind to help humanity, you begin to realize the amazing potential that begins to present itself. Our founder experienced cultivator and father of four Chuck Winters, every once in awhile has the time to spend with our staff to enlighten them with his heroic journey pioneering this industry from it’s infancy. 



We have what it takes to scale to volume to meet any wholesale volume pricing matrix your clients may be requesting. Call Chuck Winters directly to fast track your account at: (888) 379-9917 today!


Why utilize a ‘Seed to Sale’ theology?

After long discussions and initial research into the many options available, we could not find a better solution to safe guard our clients best interests than a seed to sale strategy. 

By starting with in house vetted genetics that have been nurtured through several cycles before being applied to our cultivation to processing methodology. Step inside this amazing state of energetic positivity and take your first step today!